Patient Testimonials

From Marcelyn 5/10/11 

Dr. Muller and his team are exceptional.  He leads a team who really care about you and your teeth.   We found Dr. Muller at the gym, making his acquaintance early in the morning before the commute into the city.   New to town, and about to retire from 25 years in the military, finding a dentist was on the “to do” list.  My first visit to Dr. Muller’s office involved an in-depth cleaning by his hygienist Jody.  Her attention to detail identified some issues and led to correction of these which had accumulated after 25 years of mediocre care. I am now on a path of real care for my teeth. 
Dr. Muller provided options using new technology to keep my teeth, currently healthy but well maintained, in that precise condition for the rest of my life.  His unique office hours accommodate the long commutes around the DC area, making it easy to add a dental appointment to your schedule.
Dr. Muller offers cutting edge dental technology to maintain your teeth, willingly refers you to equally qualified specialists if necessary,  is always willing to see you in an emergency, and leads a team that is always professional and courteous.  If you think you and your family deserve a better dental team, visit Dr. Muller’s office in Lake Ridge.
Marcelyn Atwood


From LindyLou 05/11/2011

I recently had a tooth that fractured and required a crown. I went to my dentist, Dr. Muller who has been my dentist for almost 10 years and he advised me I needed a crown. My dental insurance was expiring and if I didn't get the work done quickly I would have to pay for it out of pocket. Thanks to Dr. Muller I got the procedure covered before my insurance expired. I saw him on a Tuesday morning and by Thursday morning I had the crown in place and my insurance covered it.
His dental hygienist Jody is also fantastic. I go every 6 months and thanks to her care and education about dental hygiene I have fewer dental problems than I ever have in my life.
I found Dr. Muller's office through a referral and I would wholeheartedly refer anyone I know to his office.

From dlamoody  3/29/11:
Dr. Muller has been our family dentist for seve ral years. Both my husband and I were dentist phobic for most of our lives. Dr. Muller and his staff are extremely friendly, helpful and professional. I have recommended him to many friends and work colleagues. Everyone is impressed. Dr. Muller just finished giving me a brand new smile with an implant and veneers, something I had been hoping for for at least 40 years. He and his staff gave me the courage to move forward. I love my dentist and his staff.  
From Planconk: 5/10/10
He is in Lake Ridge Virginia across from the Giant at Hedges Run near Masterpeace Chiropractic and behind the dry cleaner. He is an amazing dentist, and the staff uses state of the art techniques like a laser water-thing to clean your teeth instead of that god awful scraping. I was tortured by my dentist as a child, and have an incredible fear of dentists - Dr. Muller works with that and when I was there last month to get a filling replaced, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! I didn't feel a thing and only took one shot of novacaine when I have had 7-8 in the past.
From Shimon 3/9/10
Rarely do you find a dentist of this quality.  His work is always outstanding.  I trust his recommendations without any reservations.

From Kristy 03/23/2007


Wonderful, very personal: My daughter is 12 and has been going here since she was 4. This is such a personal dental office. Every morning they make fresh bread for the patients. They keep a current picture on file, so they always know you by name. Dr. Muller always has a smile and is so very friendly. All of the hygenists are wonderful too. I can't say enough good about them.

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